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New Heights in Apartment Living

News for Shepard Place

virtual_living_room at Shepard Place, Carpinteria

Modern Layouts

Posted On: 02/18/2021

Take a look at the modern layout of our apartments. The kitchen view opens to the living room through a gorgeous bar are...

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senior_couple_displaying_affection at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, California

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted On: 02/15/2021

We hope this Valentine’s Day didn’t pass by without a sweet gesture for someone you love! How did you celebrate this yea...

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filling_dumplings at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, 93013

Uncle Chen

Posted On: 02/10/2021

How long has it been since you last enjoyed Uncle Chen’s delicious dishes? They’re right next to our apartments, so your...

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poker_table at Shepard Place, California


Posted On: 02/08/2021

The pool area has been open for a while now, so it’s time to let us know which of the other amenities you miss.

dog_taking_a_bath at Shepard Place, California, 93013

Dog Bathing

Posted On: 02/04/2021

When it comes to bathing, there are only two types of dogs: those that dread it and those that won't get out of the tub....

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Groundhog at Shepard Place, California

It's Groundhog Day!

Posted On: 02/02/2021

When’s the last time you watched ‘Groundhog Day’ on… Groundhog Day? Don't let this February 2nd pass by without this 199...

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recycling_bin at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, CA, 93013

Recycle More!

Posted On: 01/28/2021

Recycling is easy as 1, 2, 3 when all you have to do is throw your recyclables into our dedicated containers. We encour...

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old_man_on_the_phone at Shepard Place, California, 93013

We're Here for You!

Posted On: 01/26/2021

Let our staff make your Shepard Place experience stress-free. Call our maintenance team whenever you need something fixe...

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cat_hunting_food at Shepard Place, California

Kitty Life!

Posted On: 01/20/2021

This look can mean only two things: this kitty either saw a fly…or smelled some food cooking. Either way, she deserves a...

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wheelchair_accesible_homes at Shepard Place, Carpinteria

Wheelchair Accessible Homes!

Posted On: 01/18/2021

Did you know our ground-floor apartments are wheelchair accessible? Or that they offer unobstructed views of our lush co...

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