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The Perfect Ingredients - Date 09/16/2020

Every chef will tell you that the key to a flavorful meal rests in the ingredients. Where do you get yours? A gourmet grocery store or the local farmers market? #shepardplaceapartments #localproduce #shoplocal

Dream Bedroom - Date 09/14/2020

Dreams are sweeter inside our cozy bedrooms. They are plushly carpeted and filled with natural light, so you can get a restful sleep night after night! #shepardplaceapartments #sleepbetter #restandrecharge #apartmentsforrent #carpinteriaca

Sweet Tunes - Date 09/10/2020

There’s no better way to start the day than with some good music. Cross the street to Murphy’s Vinyl Shack every time you want to add a new record to your vinyl collection! #localsupportinglocal #shoplocal #shepardplaceapartments

The Best Roommates - Date 09/08/2020

They say pet owners are happier, so bring your dog or cat along when you move into a Shepard Place apartment. Or take a short trip to Santa Barbara to adopt one from Animal Adoption Solutions. #adoptapet #shepardplaceapartments

Short-Term Leases! - Date 09/04/2020

Shepard Place is proud to be your home whether you want to stay with us for 3 months or you decide to live here for 2, 3, or more years. Our short-term leases will get you acquainted with our community, and they can always be extended!

Residents Come First - Date 09/02/2020

Our philosophy towards resident care is simple: do everything you can to cover their needs. This is why we offer a 10% discount on rent until the end of September 30th. It’s also why we always look for new ways to boost their experience.

Weekend Getaway Idea - Date 08/28/2020

Use the last weekend of summer for a quick getaway to the Los Padres National Forest. With some luck, you might spot the wildlife!

Baking and Bonding - Date 08/25/2020

Want to spend more time with those you love? Use baking as a pretext to invite them over! Our kitchens are roomy enough for two people and snug enough to have an intimate atmosphere. #bakingtherapy

Eco-Friendly Living Tips - Date 08/19/2020

We encourage you to organize your home in an eco-friendly way! Some simple changes include using glass jars to store spices, turning shoe boxes into storage containers, and keeping reusable shopping bags in a basket near the front door. #ecofriendlyliving

Patio Time - Date 08/17/2020

Warm August evenings bring your private patio or balcony into the spotlight. A couple of throw blankets, some decorative pillows, and a cute plant will make it the coziest spot in the apartment! #chillingathome

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