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Buy Ugly Produce! - Date 02/23/2021

vegetables at Shepard Place, California

Next time you go shopping, skip the pretty looking fruits and vegetables, choosing to buy the so-called “ugly produce”. They might not be the prettiest, but they taste just as good!

Modern Layouts - Date 02/18/2021

virtual_living_room at Shepard Place, Carpinteria

Take a look at the modern layout of our apartments. The kitchen view opens to the living room through a gorgeous bar area, plus there’s a separate dining area for your meals, too!

Happy Valentine's Day! - Date 02/15/2021

senior_couple_displaying_affection at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, California

We hope this Valentine’s Day didn’t pass by without a sweet gesture for someone you love! How did you celebrate this year?

Uncle Chen - Date 02/10/2021

filling_dumplings at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, 93013

How long has it been since you last enjoyed Uncle Chen’s delicious dishes? They’re right next to our apartments, so your meals will always be fresh, even if you order pick-up or delivery!

Amenities... - Date 02/08/2021

poker_table at Shepard Place, California

The pool area has been open for a while now, so it’s time to let us know which of the other amenities you miss.

Dog Bathing - Date 02/04/2021

dog_taking_a_bath at Shepard Place, California, 93013

When it comes to bathing, there are only two types of dogs: those that dread it and those that won't get out of the tub. Good thing our bathrooms are so spacious!

It's Groundhog Day! - Date 02/02/2021

Groundhog at Shepard Place, California

When’s the last time you watched ‘Groundhog Day’ on… Groundhog Day? Don't let this February 2nd pass by without this 1993 classic!

Recycle More! - Date 01/28/2021

recycling_bin at Shepard Place, Carpinteria, CA, 93013

Recycling is easy as 1, 2, 3 when all you have to do is throw your recyclables into our dedicated containers. We encourage you to do your best to reduce your waste and recycle even more this year!

We're Here for You! - Date 01/26/2021

old_man_on_the_phone at Shepard Place, California, 93013

Let our staff make your Shepard Place experience stress-free. Call our maintenance team whenever you need something fixed and they will get it solved quickly!

Kitty Life! - Date 01/20/2021

cat_hunting_food at Shepard Place, California

This look can mean only two things: this kitty either saw a fly…or smelled some food cooking. Either way, she deserves a treat!

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